The No. 1 problem facing Sales Teams; and what you can do about it

Click the link to read the full article. I thought this was very interesting. YES, it is hard to get qualified leads. The No. 1 problem facing Sales Teams-; and what you can do about it.


Hiring Trends Point Upward

Reprinted from ASI Promogram: Spurred by more private-sector and Census-related hiring, April employment in the U.S. grew at the fastest pace in four years with companies adding nearly 300,000 jobs. Government data also shows 121,000 more jobs were created in February and March than initial reports estimated. Additionally, with the rise in employment, private payrolls have now grown for four consecutive months, led by gains in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Separately, the latest Employment Trends Index provided by The Conference Board, a private research firm, rose to 94.7 in April, up from 93.9 in March. The index, which uses eight components to measure employment growth and predict the future job market, improved for the eighth straight month. Also, reflecting a new wave of spending, The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index rose more than five points in April, reaching 57.9. "Consumers' concerns about current business and labor market conditions eased again," said Lynn Franco, director of The Conference Board's research center. "Looking ahead, continued job growth will be key in sustaining positive momentum."

Internationally, many nations are joining the U.S. in seeing slow, but steady economic growth in 2010. In the first quarter, the economies of Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, China and India all improved.

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

Recently, a vendor of ours who makes metal bookmarks, die cast pins, ornaments and more, sent us a simple reminder to keep on marketing no matter what is going on around you. In a very simple cardboard folder was a small metal bookmark, etched and painted with a man selling hot dogs out of a cart. It came with a printed message inside the card that leaves a very powerful message – the story goes like this:


There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. He was hard of hearing, so he had no radio. He had trouble seeing, so he had no newspapers. But he sold good hot dogs. He put up signs on the side of the highway telling how good they were. He stood by the side of the road and cried “Buy a hot dog, mister” and people bought . . . and bought often. He used promotional products to compliment his advertising. He increased his meat and roll orders. He bought a bigger stove to take care of his trade. He finally got his son to come home from college and help him out. But then something happened.


His son said: “Father, haven’t you been listening to the radio? There’s a big depression coming on! The European situation is terrible. The domestic situation is even worse!”


That made the father think: “Well, my son has been to college, he reads the papers and he listens to the radio and he ought to know.” So the father cut down on meat and roll orders, took down the advertising signs, stopped using promotional products and no longer bothered to stand on the side of the road to sell his hotdogs. Sales fell fast, almost overnight.


 “You’re right son,” father said to the boy. “We certainly are in the middle of a great depression. There just isn’t any business. No one even comes by anymore!”