Custom Chocolates

How to make your Company stand out with Logo Custom Chocolates this Holiday Season

Think about all those you wish to thank this holiday season, employees, clients, and service personnel. Many companies divide all the gift recipients in to groups and create tiers based on different types of criteria. It may be that larger client’s get one type of gift, while smaller clients or employees get a different type of gift.

Decide what type of gift will really “wow” your recipients and make your company stand out. Custom chocolates are a perfect example of that “Wow” type of gift. Your logo or a line drawing of your building, a photo or some other rending that is meaningful to you as a company will make the biggest impression.

There are plenty of custom chocolate gift ideas in the less than $10 per gift price range that can represent your business.  Think about custom chocolates in different shapes. If you are a construction firm you may want to purchase chocolate tools or even chocolate hard hats.  If you are in the entertainment industry a chocolate CD would be appropriate, and if you own any type of trucking, moving or hauling business you could put your logo on a chocolate van, delivery truck or chocolate semi truck.

For just a little bit more, you can add your logo to a large dark and milk bar of chocolate or purchase an edible box of chocolates filled with truffles or industry specific pieces. Cable companies or those that sell televisions or news stations may want to send a unique custom chocolate gift: a chocolate remote.   Companies that sell globally can give custom chocolate globes in varying sizes engraved with your logo.

If you have a large office to give too, or just want to give one larger gift to an entire department instead of individually, then a large milk and dark chocolate assortment would be suitable. A unique idea would be to spell out your message in chocolate squares.

And packaging is just as important as the gift inside. Think about all those presents you receive for your birthday or other special holiday. They are always wrapped in beautiful paper. This makes the excitement of the gift all the more fascinating.  There are many ways you can wrap your custom chocolates. Full color lids that are designed by you is one way, or you can take a full color stock design and add your logo in the middle to make it uniquely yours.

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Custom Leather Briefcases as a Gift or Award Incentive

Custom decorated leather briefcases create a unique and memorable corporate gift for many years to come.  And did you know that leather briefcases are kept longer than most other types of corporate gift? That is because they are a practical and functional gift.  The more attractive and well-designed a bag is, especially a leather bag, it will be used more often by the recipient and is a constant reminder of the gift giver.

Custom leather briefcases come in a variety of colors and styles. The newest addition to our leather bag line is from Claire Chase. These high quality, top grain cowhide leather briefcases are selected from the finest sources in the world.
Call about FREE Logo set up on Claire Chase leather gifts with a minimum order purchase. We also specialize in creating custom leather bags with our Claire Chase line to create a unique gift for your company.  Either pick something you already like and tell us what you would like to change, or build it from scratch. Call us for minimums and details today 888.249.0420.

Think about how many times your custom logo briefcase gift or award incentive will be used by the recipient. A briefcase will be used almost every single day and will be seen by more people than any other type of corporate gift because a briefcase is used inside and outside of the office, which means more exposure for your company.

Another way to encourage use of this thoughtful gift is to personalize it with more than just your company logo. It is a proven fact that gifts that are personalized with a name are kept longer than other types of gifts that are given without personalization.  A personal touch can be added by debossing your logo in to the leather and either adding the recipient’s full name or monogrammed initials on another prominent area of the bag.

And best of all, one size fits everyone!

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