Believe in What You Do

My son is doing a report on a famous person. That person is Will Smith. I somehow got involved in helping him on his project and last night read “King of Cool- Will Smith” By Brian J. Robb. It was a very interesting biography of Will Smith’s life. By the time Smith was 18 he was a millionaire, a year later he was broke, and by 21 he added another career to his Rap singing, and became famous for “The Fresh Prince of Bellaire”.  He did more in a 3 year span, than most people do in a lifetime.


I have always believed that if you work hard, and truly love what you do, you can be and do anything you want. Smith took this much farther than I could ever imagine. He truly believed in being the very best at whatever he set his mind to doing. He had a strong work ethic and it shows in everything he does.


I still believe that loving what you do, and being the best at it, allows you to live the life you believe in. This business is a lifelong dream. We are very lucky to be able to come to a place every day where we love to be. Yes, sometimes it is stressful, the hours can be long and sometimes it can be downright scary, but I can’t think of any place I would rather be than owning my own company.