Working from Home

I have been spending a lot of time working this summer even though I decided to stay home with my three boys instead of putting them in summer camp. I haven’t been able to think straight this past week to write anything. I have been trying to train our crazy dog (golden retriever) that is three years old, not to bark when the doorbell rings and not to jump on people when they come in the door. Then, there are my three boys who all think, that when mom goes in to her home office to get some work done, it is time to have a party. I find myself coming out of the office at different times throughout the day to find that while I was buried deep in my computer, designing our new websites, and emailing my customers, that instead of three children in the house, I sometimes have up to seven or eight!

We instituted a “no technology Tuesday” in our house for the summer. Every summer on Tuesday’s my house if filled with the neighborhood children. They are all upstairs in the boy’s playroom. And guess what? They are actually playing. Not XBOX (remember it’s no technology Tuesday in my house) but real honest to goodness games of make believe. My boys are 11, 9 and 6, they and their friends end up playing pretend games about make believe towns where they have houses and families and they have to pay rent and taxes and tolls for their cars. It really is amazing to see this, since most days I don’t see much of them except over the top of a Nintendo DS or behind an XBOX controller. It’s strange to see the neighborhood kids here when they could be at someone else’s house having a technology day. However, I really think they like the forced day of no TV, and no video or computer games.

In between cropping photos for the web pages, updating our office procedure manual and researching new products for our websites, I have found a bit of time to catch up on my reading. I’ll sit out by the pool while the boys and their friends swim. This gives me a chance to read my industry magazines and occasionally get in a few pages of Fast Company or Entrepreneur Magazine too. I like multi-tasking.

My middle child came in to my office the other day and asked, “Mom, why are you working? Its summertime, don’t you get the summer off too?” No, my dear Nicholas, Mom’s don’t get summers off when they run their own company, even when they have staff in the office, but I am sure glad I can be home with you.