Corporate Gift: Bluetooth Keyboard Snap On iPad® Case

Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for iPad makes a great corporate gift when you add your logo.

If you are looking for a unique corporate gift that will not only remind the recipient of your company name, but also be used for the long term,  give the Bluetooth Keyboard Snap On iPad® Case. This item is an all in one Bluetooth enabled keyboard, case and stand for your iPad®. You simply slide you iPad® in to the stand for easy viewing and typing.  To create a unique corporate gift, add your logo to either the front lower panel in the center of the keyboard or to the front top panel of the keyboard in the center. The wireless keyboard charges using the included USB cable and offers up to 55 hours of usage on a single charge.

The keyboard snaps on to the iPad® keyboard screen and serves as a protective cover which also activates sleep mode to conserve battery power.   This logo corporate gift is perfect for the tech savvy professional on the go.  Features:  Full QWERTY keyboard, Compatible with iPad® 2, 3rd generation, iPad 4 and a Gift box is included.

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Build your Brand with Custom Leather Jackets

custom Leather Jacket with Logo

By using our quality leather jackets and in-house decorators you can direct your brand message with a product that has universal appeal along with a high perceived value.

Build your brand with Location, Location, and Location! Using branded apparel is critical to any brand strategy and selecting the right product is essential in controlling that message.  With branded apparel you are supporting certain elements of any brand strategy; you are creating brand awareness, generating brand impressions and developing brand infinity. By using our quality leather jackets and in-house decorators you can direct that brand message with a product that has universal appeal along with a high perceived value.(See Video for more ideas on how to brand your custom leather jacket.)

Whether you are interested in our embroidery option with its 3-D characteristics of thread or the detailed impressions created from the heat and pressure of our debossing dies, our expert decorators will make sure your brand is a reflection of the qualities it symbolizes.

With any brand strategy, creating visibility is key and a left chest location is the number one choice of most customers. However, a subtle logo positioned in a non-traditional location such as the back. collar or cuff can also be very effective.   Personalization, a very traditional decorating option is also available on the outside or inside of the jacket.  A new and very popular choice is the logo positioned as a neck label. A customized neck label can become a tasteful reminder to the jacket recipient of your company, every time the jacket is picked up – and a great opportunity to focus brand impressions with someone reluctant to be identified with any brand.

While decoration on leather is more complicated than using the traditional woven materials, our factory lines have developed special techniques and modified the jacket designs with decoration in mind. With the special pockets used to prevent sewing a logo through the jacket lining to the use of specially tanned leather.

Visit: today to see a wide variety of leather jackets including fashion jackets, bomber jackets, custom leather baseball jackets and leather racing jackets.  Low Minimum order with your Logo!!

Vibe iPad Sleeve Makes a Great College Recruitment Gift

Vibe-Ipad-Sleeve1Transport your iPad in style with our new Vibe iPad sleeve which comes in 4 popular colors; black, aqua blue, pink and apple green. This kid friendly item is made from recycled felt and features contrast stitching and slide tabs to keep your ipad secure.

You can add your logo to this item and use as a reminder of your next meeting or expo event. This trendy sleeve is designed for the iPad and iPad 2 and also makes a great college recruitment gift. To see additional trendy tablet holders and sleeves visit:

Garden Baskets – Corporate Gift Ideas

Garden Basket Garden GiftsThe Garden Basket is the ideal gardening basket that can be imprinted with your corporate logo or organization name or message. The custom printed garden basket features Attractive and durable fabrics with a stain-resistant interior make this tote the perfect gift for those who love to garden.   The three stainless steel tools with wooden handles include a garden spade, a garden rake and a trowel.  Other types of garden baskets are available including our Gardener Gardening Fold up Seat and Storage Tote which features a folding seat and detachable polyester storage tote all-in-one. The storage tote has two zippered openings, one on the backside and one on the top for easy access from any angle and it conveniently holds 5 metal garden tools (large trowel, small trowel, garden fork, rake and weeder) on the exterior of the tote so they are readily accessible when you need them.

The custom printed Garden Metro Basket has a sturdy aluminum frame with a polyester outer shell and a water resistant base. The basket folds completely flat for easy storage. These Garden Baskets make the perfect gift for those who love gardening in style.  For more information on our Garden Baskets or more gardening gift ideas visit:  – To order this same garden basket without a minimum order or logo requirement visit

Nautical Theme Cutting Board Serving Tray Personalized with your logo

Nautical Theme Cheese Cutting BoardThe Mariner cutting board and serving tray makes the ideal gift for those who love boats, has a boat or as a corporate gift for your yacht or sailing club. Your logo or message can be laser engraved on the top of the board as a reminder of your event. This cutting board is designed to look like a ships helm with four cheese tools secured in magnetic slots that fit snugly in to the side of the cutting board.

The cheese tools wooden handles are made to resemble a ships wheel. The cutting board has a thin groove on the top of the surface to catch juice run off.  The Mariner cheese cutting board also comes with 4 stainless steel cutting tools including a crumbling cheese chisel, a cheese fork, a blunt tip cheese knife and a pointed cheese knife.

The four additional handles on the side of the board help to turn the helm as the board rotates like a mini lazy Susan giving everyone gathered around easy access to the board. The Mariner is the perfect gift for those with a sense of adventure or those who love to entertain in style.

For more themed cheese board/ cutting board ideas for all types of occasions visit or to learn more visit our CEShoppes YouTube channel.

Surfboard Cutting Board Personalized with Your Logo

Corporate Gift IdeaThe surfboard by Picnic Time is a beautifully crafted cheeseboard and cutting board. This stylish cutting board can feature your corporate logo or organizations event engraving on the top of the board.  The Surfboard comes with a side pull out drawer that contains three wood handle cheese tools including a pointed tip hard cheese knife, a bunt tip hard cheese knife and a cheese fork.

This cutting board is made of durable rubber wood with accent stripe down the middle and the fins and has over 102 square inches of cutting board space. The Surfboard cutting board makes the ideal gift for those who love surfing, the beach or entertaining in style.

For more themed cheese board/ cutting board ideas for all types of occasions visit or to learn more visit our YouTube channel.

Gift Cards Remain a Top Incentive Item

Survey: Gift Cards Remain A Top Incentive Item
The majority of U.S. businesses use gift cards to reward employees, company partners and customers, spending $22.7 billion annually, according to a new study released by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF). Data shows 59% of U.S. companies employ non-cash award programs and 52% use gift cards, frequently incentivizing staff members.

“The economy over the past years has affected many things, but the research confirms that the use of gift cards in business is still very strong,” said Betty Weinkle, past president of the Incentive Gift Card Council. “We find that the convenience, variety and desirability of gift cards contribute to their ability to motivate, reward and recognize.”

Open prepaid cards (which can be used almost anywhere) and closed-loop cards (which are accepted by one vendor) are much more often used by businesses than restricted and virtual cards. About 70% use open cards, 54% use closed-loop, 14% use virtual and 12% use restricted cards, according to survey data. Large businesses are more likely to use a card provider that delivers different types of cards, while smaller firms are more likely to go directly to retailers for card purchases.

Survey respondents expect their future business spending on gift cards will either remain the same or increase, the IRF report said.

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Custom Chocolates

How to make your Company stand out with Logo Custom Chocolates this Holiday Season

Think about all those you wish to thank this holiday season, employees, clients, and service personnel. Many companies divide all the gift recipients in to groups and create tiers based on different types of criteria. It may be that larger client’s get one type of gift, while smaller clients or employees get a different type of gift.

Decide what type of gift will really “wow” your recipients and make your company stand out. Custom chocolates are a perfect example of that “Wow” type of gift. Your logo or a line drawing of your building, a photo or some other rending that is meaningful to you as a company will make the biggest impression.

There are plenty of custom chocolate gift ideas in the less than $10 per gift price range that can represent your business.  Think about custom chocolates in different shapes. If you are a construction firm you may want to purchase chocolate tools or even chocolate hard hats.  If you are in the entertainment industry a chocolate CD would be appropriate, and if you own any type of trucking, moving or hauling business you could put your logo on a chocolate van, delivery truck or chocolate semi truck.

For just a little bit more, you can add your logo to a large dark and milk bar of chocolate or purchase an edible box of chocolates filled with truffles or industry specific pieces. Cable companies or those that sell televisions or news stations may want to send a unique custom chocolate gift: a chocolate remote.   Companies that sell globally can give custom chocolate globes in varying sizes engraved with your logo.

If you have a large office to give too, or just want to give one larger gift to an entire department instead of individually, then a large milk and dark chocolate assortment would be suitable. A unique idea would be to spell out your message in chocolate squares.

And packaging is just as important as the gift inside. Think about all those presents you receive for your birthday or other special holiday. They are always wrapped in beautiful paper. This makes the excitement of the gift all the more fascinating.  There are many ways you can wrap your custom chocolates. Full color lids that are designed by you is one way, or you can take a full color stock design and add your logo in the middle to make it uniquely yours.

To see more custom chocolate gift ideas for the holiday season visit:

Custom Leather Briefcases as a Gift or Award Incentive

Custom decorated leather briefcases create a unique and memorable corporate gift for many years to come.  And did you know that leather briefcases are kept longer than most other types of corporate gift? That is because they are a practical and functional gift.  The more attractive and well-designed a bag is, especially a leather bag, it will be used more often by the recipient and is a constant reminder of the gift giver.

Custom leather briefcases come in a variety of colors and styles. The newest addition to our leather bag line is from Claire Chase. These high quality, top grain cowhide leather briefcases are selected from the finest sources in the world.
Call about FREE Logo set up on Claire Chase leather gifts with a minimum order purchase. We also specialize in creating custom leather bags with our Claire Chase line to create a unique gift for your company.  Either pick something you already like and tell us what you would like to change, or build it from scratch. Call us for minimums and details today 888.249.0420.

Think about how many times your custom logo briefcase gift or award incentive will be used by the recipient. A briefcase will be used almost every single day and will be seen by more people than any other type of corporate gift because a briefcase is used inside and outside of the office, which means more exposure for your company.

Another way to encourage use of this thoughtful gift is to personalize it with more than just your company logo. It is a proven fact that gifts that are personalized with a name are kept longer than other types of gifts that are given without personalization.  A personal touch can be added by debossing your logo in to the leather and either adding the recipient’s full name or monogrammed initials on another prominent area of the bag.

And best of all, one size fits everyone!

For More ideas on how to use custom decorated leather briefcases in your next promotion or award program visit

Personalized Leather Jackets for Sales Awards and Corporate Gifts

Custom Leather JacketsPersonalized Leather Jackets create a unique and memorable corporate gift for years to come.  When companies offer personalized leather jackets in their incentive or award programs they see skyrocketing results!  There are a number of ways personalized leather jackets can be awarded.

Personalized leather jackets are used by many top companies for:
• Sales awards
• Service and safety awards
• Special promotions and corporate gifts

Some companies will opt to embroider their company logo on the front of a leather jacket. Others will want to use a more subtle approach and embroider the logo inside of the leather jacket, so although your logo is seen each and every time the jacket is worn by the recipient it is not considered a promotional item. In addition to the traditional left chest location your company logo can be embroidered on the “Neck Label” for a subtle, reminder of the gift provider. Certain leather jackets can be debossed or embroidered on the cuff for yet another alternate “low profile” location.

When purchasing personalized leather jackets, you need to look for a professional distributor that really knows the ins and outs of personalizing leather jackets.

Each logo must be properly modified for use on leather, from the stitch type and thread density, to the size and position.  Most leather jackets come with inside embroidery pockets. When inside embroidery pockets are used – It helps prevent the embroidery thread from being seen on the inside of the jacket lining.  Another essential element of a professional embroidery job is the digitizing of the corporate logo into a file than can be embroidered on leather jackets.  Sewing on leather jackets is not like sewing on caps or shirts or any other type of material used for baseball or outerwear jackets.

Debossing is an attractive alternative to embroidery. Debossing is fast becoming the typical choice for decorating on leather. By combining heat and pressure, debossing creates a subtle, yet stylish, way to reinforce your corporate image. Because of the subtle qualities of leather, there are limitations on lettering sizes and amount of space that must be maintain between characters. A professional distributor will be able to help you come up with the right decorating technique that will suit your program and corporate image.

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