A Sales Contest Happy Ending (Part 3)

This part is the very best. The contest was a huge success. My friend who had encouraged me to run the contest had also promised me an effortless answer to my sales-meeting-blues. He was right! I didn't have to say anything disciplinary to get everyone, and I mean each-and-every AE, in the conference room both early and waiting like eager beavers.

However that was really just the gravy! The real win was the sales increase we accomplished with the contest. If I didn't experience it for myself, I would have never believed the results we attained. Nearly 2/3rds of the AEs hit the top level, and all but a few reached one of the other two levels. Let me translate what that meant in return on the investment terms: $4 to $1.

I can now call myself a believer in sales contests. I run a contest (with a new theme and different objective) at least three to four times a year. You will have fun, your AEs will thank you, and your leadership team will be singing your praises!

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