A TRUE BELIEVER: A Sales Saga with a Happy Ending! (Part 1)

I thought you might relate to this story . . .

Typically before starting a sales meeting, and prior to diving into the housekeeping issues, I have to stand there waiting for latecomers to drag in, nudge people to stop cur-chunking on their BlackBerry® and have the wonderful pleasure of looking at "less-than-enthusiastic" faces staring back at me. If you have ever run a sales meeting, then you can picture the scene vividly, can't you?

I want to share with you how one week's meeting got some astonishing results that have changed everything ever since. When the meeting began, I stood up and made an announcement that caught everyone by surprise. I announced that very soon I would be running a Sales Contest. I didn't say much more than that on the topic.

When questions started flowing in, I simply said, "I will provide all the contest details, and answer your questions prior to next week's meeting. If you are interested, be here fifteen minutes early."

The entire next week was a lot of fun for me. Let's just say that the rumor mill was cranking! Each day Account Executives were taking guesses at what I was going to announce. I heard conversations in cubicles, emails were being circulated, and there may have even been a wager pool running.

(To Be Continued Next week) — To find out more about the Sales Contest Download your FREE copy of the eBook "Sales Contestology, 7 Step Guide to Contest Design" (You are welcome to pass this information with the free offer to your friends and colleagues too).