Excellent Customer Service


Companies are only as good as the products they deliver, and only as good as their last order. I truly believe this is true. A lot of problems can occur between the time an order is placed and the time it arrives in our customers hands. Partnering with a distributor that has integrity allows our customers to spend less time monitoring their order and more time to do their business.

If a company does not have strict operating procedures, orders will need to be redone, and that costs time and money for everyone. When we attended the E-myth seminars a few years back we realized that there was serious need to build a procedure for each and every part of the order. We believe it works very well and we have received numerous compliments on our attentive customer service.

Creative Expressions demands excellence across the board and we are extremely loyal to our customers and our suppliers. Without our preferred supplier partners, whom we can trust to provide a quality product, decorated correctly and delivered on time, we would be out of business, fast! Our one on one attention to detail is a critical component to our formula for success. If our clients ask for a quote, a catalog or product idea we have a sequence of events that occur to make sure our customers receive everything they need to make an informed decision. Our in house follow up procedures ensure our customers are taken care of from the moment they inquire about a product, until it has been delivered and invoiced.

In a world of uncertainty about the economy and the coming election, using a company that has procedures in place to handle the small stuff can leave you with true piece of mind. Let us worry for you; it’s what we get paid to do.