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As a sales leader your primary responsibility is to drive sales revenue. Bottom-line-you need to "hit the numbers."

Of the many tools and techniques available for achieving sales results, the sales contest is a popular and effective option. Running a sales contest not only energizes your sales force-it quickly boosts sales and profits.

A business associate of CEShoppes, Mark Repkin, has just written an eBook which answers the question, "How do I design a sales contest that actually works?"

SalesContest Normally the eBook sells for $24.99, but you can download a complimentary copy absolutely FREE!

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This is a "Don't Miss" opportunity that CEShoppes' only sharing with select customers and business associates. This eBook provides practical advice on designing and implementing a sales contest to drive results and meet your organization's goals.

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Below are some sales experts' comments about the eBook…

"If you're a sales leader looking to provide focus and sales force motivation, Sales Contestology is a must read."
Tom Searcy, Author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Deals and Transform Your Company

"Mark and Marci succinctly capture the essential principles of a sales contest which supports both sales force motivation and marketing ingenuity." John Fox, author of Marketing-Playbook: The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing

"Over the years I have seen too many sales leaders attempt, in a rogue fashion, to design a sales contest with little or no guidance. This eBook is concisely packed with solid advice for designing effective sales contests that work!" Joseph S. Laipple, author of Precision Selling: A Guide for Coaching Sales Professionals

Download your Free copy of "Sales Contestology, 7 Step Guide to Sales Contests"

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