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If you read my last blog post you know that I wrote about an exciting ebook on sales contests. When most people think of a sales contest they think in terms of winners and losers. A business associate of CEShoppes, Mark Repkin, wrote a powerful book on how to put on a sales contest where there are only winners!

Most people define "contest" as a competition, usually but not always based on skill, awarding prizes to a limited number of winners and offering nothing to the vast majority of participants. That type of contest is the most common, but it's NOT the most effective way to motivate behavior within a sales force or sales channel. Winning and losing suggests an element of chance. In order to be effectively motivating, a contest must reduce or eliminate chance or luck from the equation. Attaining rewards must be based on the performer's own ability to exceed a predetermined goal.

The eBook, "Sales Contestology, 7 Step Guide to Contest Design" is an easy read with some great graphics. It provides practical advice on designing and implementing a sales contest to drive results.

You can download it FREE from our CEShoppes website – just click here:

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