The Sales Contest Big Announcement (Part 2)

Finally, the morning came when I was to announce the sales contest. Two other people on my management team and I came in early to decorate the conference room with balloons, streamers, and confetti. At each cubicle I put a mouse pad on the desk, which was imprinted with the contest’s name. I even provided a breakfast spread that was ready when the AEs arrived. The excitement in the air was almost awe-inspiring.

I began my presentation by saying, “In this contest, there will be no losers. Everyone will win!” I can’t think of the right word to describe their faces. It wasn’t surprise or bewilderment, it was more like, “Ohhh-Kay….what’s the catch?”

I said “I know what you are thinking and there is no catch. I simply want to give everyone the opportunity to receive a prize for their performance, and here is how it’s going to work.”

I explained that there were three levels of performance, each level equated to an incremental increase percentage over their monthly sales goal and that, based on what they sell in the next 30 days, would determine their reward.

At this point my assistant pulled down the screen, dimmed the lights, and turned on the projector. When the anticipation was at its peak I revealed the website which pictured all of the prizes. There were over 100 brand-name merchandise items at each of the three performance levels.

Just then, one of the senior AEs (whose performance had been slacking lately) said, “Can you click on that top level? I want to see what I am going to win.” That’s all it took. After he made that comment, the room erupted into a collective roar and challenges were being tossed every which way. I couldn’t have scripted it better.

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