Does your Promotional Products Consultant understand Proposition 65? They should.

Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, has been around for more than 20 years. It had not become widely know until August 2007, when Mattel, Inc., the world’s biggest toymaker, issued a toy recall for more than 20 million Chinese-made products. Then came the toothpaste recall, dog food recall, and the lunch bag recall for a high content of lead over the past few months. Proposition 65 was originally a health measure created to protect the people of California. Companies cannot discharge toxic chemicals into the states sources of drinking water, or expose people in the state to the toxic chemicals without prior warnings.

So What Does This Mean to You, the Purchaser of Promotional Items?

Purchasing products that are non-compliant, from a Promotional Consultant, who does not verify that the products being sold to you are socially compliant, and /or Proposition 65 compliant could jeopardize your company’s reputation. If your company purchases products for National Tradeshows and these products end up in California without the proper warning labels you could become liable for distributing a product without the warning information.  You should always let your promotional consultant know if the product that you are purchasing will be distributed in California at any time. The law says that if goods made, sold or distributed in California contain “significant levels” of any of the toxic chemicals provided in their annual list, the business selling, manufacturing or distributing these items MUST include a warning label when shipping the merchandise.

What type of products are affected by Prop 65?

As of September 2007, there are over 800 chemicals published in the annual list by the state of California. These chemicals can be found in drinkware, food products, tableware, costume or children’s jewelry, lead crystal awards, lead crystal wine glasses, products with electrical cords and products containing pvc or soft plastic. This is not a complete list, but enough to get you thinking about the products you are purchasing.

Creative Expressions of Tampa Bay, Inc is proactively addressing the serious implications of products that may carry health-risk concerns. We maintain a list of suppliers that are socially compliant. We work with suppliers that provide quality products. If we feel that a product you find in our separately maintained web search may be substandard, or the factory is not on our list of socially compliant vendors, we will tell you and recommend an alternate resource for that product. We are only as good as the products we deliver. Not all products are created equally, and sometimes it’s better to increase the budget and lessen the quantity rather than deliver substandard products that will do more harm than good.

Remember, the last thing your customer see’s when tossing a poorly made promotional item in the trash, is your company name.