Decorating Custom Printed Towels with Logos and Embroidered Beach towels 1 of 2

We get quite a few calls about custom printed towels for corporate events and promotions. This FAQ has created to help answer most of the questions involving the process of decorating various types of towels and the associated costs that drive the job.

Why use towels for promotions?

One Size Fits All – No need to worry about sizes like apparel.
For Recognition – Makes a huge impact with a large logo on a beach towel. Has the largest imprint area compared to most other promotional products.
For Durability – Machine washable for endless use. When was the last time you threw a towel away??  For Leisure – Towels are used when doing fun things such as swimming, boating, golfing, ETC.  For Value – Variety of quality products offer a superior value.

Towel styles and types


In order for a towel to be absorbent it should contain materials that will wick the water from your body. Cotton is a very good material to do this and this is why we carry 100% cotton towels.   Egyptian or Pima cotton is a superior staple of cotton, it is a stronger, longer and more absorbent fiber which tends to have a softer feel to it. It commands a premium price due to these qualities.

Terry Loop:

This is the most basic form of towel and comes from the term "terrycloth", terry toweling, terry, or simply toweling which is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It is usually manufactured by weaving on a dobby loom and is used to create item like wash cloths and towels.

Terry Velour:

This term can be confusing because it is not synonymous with the dictionary term. In the decorated towel industry it is a terry loop towel that has been "sheared" on one or more sides to provide a very more flat surface for imprinting. It also gives the towel a more luxurious "hand" or feel to the touch. Terry velour towels are generally more expensive than terry loop towels.

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