Decorating Custom Printed Towels with Logos and Embroidered Beach Towels

Types of Decoration for Beach Towels – 2 0f 2

Screen Printing:

This decorating process involves printing the towel with ink. A separate screen for each color is created. There is usually a separate set up fee per color and there is usually a run fee per towel per color. In order for the towel to maintain a soft feel the ink needs to be water soluble and traditionally only inks that are darker than the color of the towel are used for visibility. With a few exceptions, white or lighter colors are not generally used on color or darker towels.

Important note: Set up fees usually run between $60.00 and $150.00 per color, and $.50 to $1.80 per towel per color. Therefore printing a small number of towels can be very expensive when calculating the actual cost of the towel with set ups and run fees. In most cases multiple run fees can be included in the cost of the towel as quantities increase.

Woven Jacquard:

This is a custom woven process that actually weaves your customer's logo into the towel. The process is more expensive and needs to be done at the manufacturing level rather than aftermarket. In a number of instances factories will have stock jacquard designs on hand and then embroider a logo to provide a similar effect in a shorter production time.

Fiber Reactive Full Color Towels:

This decoration model is similar to a multicolor printing process at a manufacturing level. This process generally has a higher minimum, from 500-1000 pieces, and traditionally takes 90-110 days. Recent developments have decreased this process to 60-75 days with some factories. Set up fees can be waived in some cases when an order is fulfilled resulting in $1,500-$2,500 dollars in savings.

Towel Weights

PLEASE NOTE: The towel weight along with the towel size is a very important factor in determining the plushness of a towel. A 13.5 lb. towel means that there is 13.5 lbs of cotton for every dozen towels. In contrast a 18.0 lb. towel has 18.0 lbs of cotton for every dozen towels. If the 18.0 lb towel is a larger towel than the 13.5 lb. towel then the plushness of the two towels may actually be similar.

7-9 Lbs. Towels:
Promotional weight towel. Light weight and least expensive.

10-15 Lbs. Towels:
Mid weight towel. A little more expensive but clients will see this towel as a higher perceived value.

18-22 Lbs. Towels:
Heavyweight towel. Considered highest quality and most expensive. Luxury hotel towel quality.

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