Wish You Could Get More Done Everyday?

Social Media Traffic Consultants Internet Video MarketingAs you know by now CEShoppes opened a social media division last year called Social Media Traffic Consultants. We were encouraged to do so by so many of our friends and clients because they wanted to achieve the same success with their websites.

Social Media Traffic Consultants likes to stay on top of new products and marketing resources for businesses as they come out, and let business owners know about them when it makes sense.  One of the new products that we have been using actually generates traffic and additional sales from traditional advertising methods, like newspaper ads and mailers.  The program allows the business owner to put prospects and customers in an “automatic marketing follow up system” using a combination of SMS text, email, voice mail and traditional mail post cards.

Go see the NEW video here:


This amazing program is rolling out across the country and now some big firms like Papa John’s and Ford are rolling a version of it out to their customers with a high level of success.  The amazing thing about this autopilot marketing program is there are packages to fit almost every budget.

You can check out a quick video on this amazing auto follow up program here:


If there was ever a time to get incredibly committed to growing your business and doing it on autopilot- then you really have to watch this video.  Give us a call today if you want to put your follow up program on autopilot!