An Educational Flight

Having returned recently from the ASI show in Las Vegas, it never occurred to me before how rewarding a long flight can be. During the ASI show in Orlando this past January I missed some of the educational classes, so I purchased those classes as mpegs, which were transferred over to my mp3 player. My flight to Las Vegas was spent listening to Jeff Burrows class on The Entrepreneur’s Success Code: How to Run a High-Performance Business and Have a Life!” 

It was so informative, and it brought back memories of when we took the E-myth seminar out in California a few years ago. A seminar that brought about many new changes in the way we do business. That weekend seminar cemented our need for procedures in the way we handle everything in our office. We now have a concrete matrix of procedures on how we take an order, to managing our customers’ expectations each and every step of the way.

During Jeff’s class, I wrote pages and pages of notes. So many ideas were flying through my head; it was hard to keep them all to myself. I found myself several times, during the flight, wanting to pick up the phone and call my business partner to discuss all that was being said.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, and attended Education Day, I took a class by Bobby Lehew on Marketing in a Web 2.0 World: How Small Businesses Can Be Heard in a Big Way. It was a phenomenal class in regard to social networking. Bobby talked about LinkedIn, Facebook and other ways to raise the online visibility of your company. Once I arrived back home in Tampa I immediately began putting to work his ideas for more visibility for my company. 

One of those ideas was working on a blog. I had written many articles for our company blog over the past couple of months, but was not ready to put them out for everyone to read. However, Bobby promised they didn’t have to be perfect, and for now, I hope he is correct. I wrote two different entries on the plane trip home and will post them soon.