Build your Brand with Custom Leather Jackets

custom Leather Jacket with Logo

By using our quality leather jackets and in-house decorators you can direct your brand message with a product that has universal appeal along with a high perceived value.

Build your brand with Location, Location, and Location! Using branded apparel is critical to any brand strategy and selecting the right product is essential in controlling that message.  With branded apparel you are supporting certain elements of any brand strategy; you are creating brand awareness, generating brand impressions and developing brand infinity. By using our quality leather jackets and in-house decorators you can direct that brand message with a product that has universal appeal along with a high perceived value.(See Video for more ideas on how to brand your custom leather jacket.)

Whether you are interested in our embroidery option with its 3-D characteristics of thread or the detailed impressions created from the heat and pressure of our debossing dies, our expert decorators will make sure your brand is a reflection of the qualities it symbolizes.

With any brand strategy, creating visibility is key and a left chest location is the number one choice of most customers. However, a subtle logo positioned in a non-traditional location such as the back. collar or cuff can also be very effective.   Personalization, a very traditional decorating option is also available on the outside or inside of the jacket.  A new and very popular choice is the logo positioned as a neck label. A customized neck label can become a tasteful reminder to the jacket recipient of your company, every time the jacket is picked up – and a great opportunity to focus brand impressions with someone reluctant to be identified with any brand.

While decoration on leather is more complicated than using the traditional woven materials, our factory lines have developed special techniques and modified the jacket designs with decoration in mind. With the special pockets used to prevent sewing a logo through the jacket lining to the use of specially tanned leather.

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Personalized Leather Jackets for Sales Awards and Corporate Gifts

Custom Leather JacketsPersonalized Leather Jackets create a unique and memorable corporate gift for years to come.  When companies offer personalized leather jackets in their incentive or award programs they see skyrocketing results!  There are a number of ways personalized leather jackets can be awarded.

Personalized leather jackets are used by many top companies for:
• Sales awards
• Service and safety awards
• Special promotions and corporate gifts

Some companies will opt to embroider their company logo on the front of a leather jacket. Others will want to use a more subtle approach and embroider the logo inside of the leather jacket, so although your logo is seen each and every time the jacket is worn by the recipient it is not considered a promotional item. In addition to the traditional left chest location your company logo can be embroidered on the “Neck Label” for a subtle, reminder of the gift provider. Certain leather jackets can be debossed or embroidered on the cuff for yet another alternate “low profile” location.

When purchasing personalized leather jackets, you need to look for a professional distributor that really knows the ins and outs of personalizing leather jackets.

Each logo must be properly modified for use on leather, from the stitch type and thread density, to the size and position.  Most leather jackets come with inside embroidery pockets. When inside embroidery pockets are used – It helps prevent the embroidery thread from being seen on the inside of the jacket lining.  Another essential element of a professional embroidery job is the digitizing of the corporate logo into a file than can be embroidered on leather jackets.  Sewing on leather jackets is not like sewing on caps or shirts or any other type of material used for baseball or outerwear jackets.

Debossing is an attractive alternative to embroidery. Debossing is fast becoming the typical choice for decorating on leather. By combining heat and pressure, debossing creates a subtle, yet stylish, way to reinforce your corporate image. Because of the subtle qualities of leather, there are limitations on lettering sizes and amount of space that must be maintain between characters. A professional distributor will be able to help you come up with the right decorating technique that will suit your program and corporate image.

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