Heading to Tradeshow – What do you need?


Next week (January 10-16), we will be heading to Las Vegas to the largest Promotional Products Trade Show in the industry with over 1400 booths!!  While we are there, we would like to take the opportunity to help YOU with your marketing needs for this coming year.  

Over the past couple of months, we are sure you have been working on your marketing plans and incentive and award ideas for 2010. If you have a list of ideas and dates, we can walk the show floor and be your eyes and ears. Give us an idea of what you need and your budget and we will look for the hottest, most creative ideas out there, just for YOU!


If you would like our help we will make it easy – Just email us: CustomerService@CEShoppes.com with a list of event dates, the theme of the event, what types of items or ideas you are looking for, quantity, budget and any other information that would be helpful to have as we are walking the tradeshow floor. Please respond prior to January 12, 2010. We will follow up with an email to let you know we received your email before we leave for the show, so you will know we will be thinking of you while we are out there.

Party Favors and Give-aways Part 2 of 3

In my previous article I discussed how invitations set the mood for getting people to attend your event. In this article I am going to tell you about what I do when I have a party to help make it a more enjoyable event. Give gifts and/or party favors. It doesn’t need to cost and arm and a leg to have something at your event for your attendees to keep when they leave. This is a little memento of the event that they can take home.

Recently, my husband turned 50. I put together a great little party in Daytona Beach at a fabulous little hotel called the Bahama House. Even though most of the attendees were family, I felt the need to present everyone with a goodie bag. We have great packaging on our websites, so I purchased some very nice gold bags and black and gold wraphia to make bows on the outside of the bags. But what was on the inside of each bag is what made everyone say WOW! They were amazed that they were getting “presents” at someone else’s birthday party. I had ordered 24 bottles of private labeled water imprinted with a custom message, my husband’s name and the date. I added the little celebration cakes the can be microwaved and come complete with a candle, balloon and sprinkles, there were light up buttons that said Happy Birthday, we had a chocolate 50 packaged in clear cello and tied with imprinted ribbon that had the same message as the water bottles, and the most fun item in the bag was a light up pilsner glass that was also imprinted with the same message as the water bottles and the chocolate. These were all presented to each guest at check-in. Everyone could tell by the contents of the goodie bag just how great the party was going to be! They were excited!!

Not everyone has to go as crazy with goodie bags as I did, but you only turn 50 once. For my birthday a couple of years ago, I decided to have a casino party. Each of the attendees received chocolate poker chips, and a light up button that looked like an Ace and King of Spades. (Yes, I do like things that light up and blink). Everyone loved wearing their button, and it was fun when it got dark outside. The chocolate was delicious too!

Having a theme for your party, helps not only with finding enticing invitations, but it also helps you with the kinds of giveaways that you will hand out to keep them thinking about your company or your event, long after it is over. Even restaurants and department stores have been known to give away edible things to get you to come in to their place of business and purchase. One time we worked with a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchisee, and they ordered hundreds of chocolate dipped fortune cookies with their own custom fortunes inside. Some of the fortunes had discounts off for food purchases, and others had a free item offer with purchase. – Who would have thought that KFC would use fortune cookies to promote their company? We were also approached a few years back to use this same concept for a women’s clothing store chain, but instead of fortune cookies they used bars of chocolate with the discounts inside.

Ask your promotional consultant if you get stuck for ideas. There are thousands of ideas out there. And most of all have fun!