Fresh from the Beach – The Gift Book

I am slightly refreshed from a whirlwind weekend away at the beach. I sat in the sun too long and my face is now totally red and peeling which is not normal for me. I am olive skinned and normally do not burn. Anyway, the trip energized me and this week we have been working on our mailings and getting all the holiday gift items up on the websites.


We did hire a few people from Odesk to work on the websites and I must say things are moving right along. In one week we had 3 databases created and updated. It’s exciting to see all the new products coming in. It’s a lot like Christmas when the catalogs start arriving with all the new fall and winter holiday business gift ideas. We love to see the new products and we love to hear when our customers get excited about getting their RED Books. This is really called the The GIFT BOOK, but to our customers, because of the faux red leather cover and the gold imprint it is the “RED Book” and the most exciting book of the year. All I can equate this too is the excitement children feel when they get the toy catalogs from Toys R Us, just before a visit to Santa.  By the end of this month, we will be getting calls with squeals of delight!