I Can Hope. . .

Enough is enough. I am so tired of opening my morning paper (and I love to read the paper) only to see day after day more and more discouraging news about our economy, or how the stimulus bill is not going to work. Why is everyone so hung up on being negative? Can’t we all just get along? We voted for change, but it seems that no one wants to change.


Is there a reason why we all can’t just give the President and the stimulus package the benefit of the doubt and wait and see?


Didn’t these naysayers’ mothers ever tell them that if you think bad things are going to happen they will? It so easy to be negative. It takes no energy at all to be cranky and crabby and to have a bad attitude and sling mud. –


It does however take energy to hold your tongue, and think pleasant thoughts. I was always taught that you have to have a positive attitude and believe in what you are doing if you want to get somewhere. Where is the positive energy? If the news media would just spend a bit more time reporting on good things, instead of concentrating on all the bad things, we might come out of this crisis faster. It’s hard to stay upbeat and positive when every headline reads of doom and gloom. It makes you just want to go back to bed – why get up, if life is going to “stink” anyway??


Anybody can destroy things – no talent or brains needed; it does take special people to build things. Let’s all be “Special” and concentrate on the rebuilding. Spend each and every day with the aim to do one random act of kindness -even if that means just smiling at a stranger on the street. Or hold your tongue when you want to say something bad about the economy or the President, or put a new spin on things and look at your business and your world from 30,000 feet, instead of at ground level, and maybe, just maybe we will all start to feel good again. Then, tomorrow when we open the paper it won’t be filled with anything other than stories we want to read about, about hope for the future.  


I can hope can't I?