Packaging Can Make Your Promotion!

I recently put together a video for how, with a little money or effort, you can use packaging to make an ordinary logo’d product turn in to an extraordinary gift for extraordinary people. This past week, I received a package in the mail from a local supplier of apparel products. They sent me a sample T-shirt. They could have just tossed the T-shirt in to a priority mail envelope with a letter saying how great and wonderful a vendor they are, or they could have sent the shirt in a plastic mailer bag, both of which I have received previously from other suppliers. Many times these packages were set aside until I had a moment to open them, as I knew that they were probably just samples. However, this box seemed somehow different, there was more of a curiosity to it that made me want to open it right away.

The T-shirt came in a 6 x 6 squared mailer box with a glossy green label that covered the top of the box. When the box was opened the inside revealed a smaller, black pin striped box tied with a simple strand of green wraphia. Wow! I was receiving a gift! How cool, it was not even my birthday!

I was excited to open the box because the presentation was simple, but elegant.  I had no idea what I would find inside. When I opened the black box I found a single sheet of pale green tissue paper covered with a slightly darker green imprint of flowers and leaves. Now my curiosity was really peaked! What was inside?

I pulled back the tissue and inside neatly folded and wrapped, once again with a single strand of the same color green wraphia, I found a black T-shirt made from Bamboo! – Yes, Bamboo. So soft and cuddly that I couldn’t wait to unwrap the shirt and put it on my body, which I promptly did.

Have you ever received a T-shirt from anyone, other than maybe your grandmother, that felt so good and brought this much excitement and anticipation? This is what a little packaging, that probably adds no more than a dollar to the cost of an item, can do for you and the imprinted product you are giving away. Wouldn’t you like all of your marketing ideas to be received this well?