It’s All in the Invitation – Part 1 of A 3 Part Series

I started thinking recently about all the great events I have planned over the years. We are in the midst of planning new and exciting happenings for our company and this brought all these wonderful memories floating back. I think the best thing about putting on an event, whether it is a fundraiser, or a grand opening or the launch of a website is the planning of that event. I get really excited when I start writing down all the things that need to be done, creating the lists, and the lists for those lists, and then purchasing the items that are needed to make it all come together. Somehow, this all gives meaning to your days and you eagerly wake up because you know that today is going to be filled with fun while you make your game plan for your event.

I really believe that an invitation to your event sets the tone for how the event is going to be perceived, and whether you are going to have a good crowd attend your events. – My personal parties are always very crowded. I always go out of my way to put them on, and I think my family and friends come to expect this from me. A few years ago, when Harry Potter was popular, I put together a 9th birthday party for my son. It took me 3 months to plan that event, but it was the best party his friends and the neighborhood children had ever seen. They all talked about it for weeks after the event.  It started out with invitations that looked like a scroll on parchment paper inviting them to come to the party in costume. The invitation was even sealed in wax with a big H for Hogwarts. We had 21 children arrive dressed as characters from the movie and we even had a sorting hat party, made magic wands, drank out of light up goblets and played quidditch in the back yard. Even the inside of our living area walls were lined with flagstone patterned gossamer. It was the care we took in the invitation that brought those 21 children to our house, and the attention to details once they arrived that made the party memorable for everyone.

Zipper Coconuts as a unique Party InvitationI started to think about different invitations I have received over the years for different events and I came up with some really creative ideas. A few years ago I received a zippered coconut. It was a real coconut that actually had a zipper attached to the middle. When you opened it up, inside was the invitation to the event, some sun screen a lei. This set the stage for an educational business meeting with a Hawaiian theme to be held at a local beach resort. 

Another invitation that we actually used a couple of summers ago for a “Christmas in August” open house to get our local clients thinking about the upcoming holiday season was a mailing tube decorated in red and white with Season’s Greetings imprinted on the side. A mailing tube is a great mailer that gets opened right away because it is not an ordinary envelope, so the recipient is excited to see what is inside. We has quite a few attendees who loved the invitation idea. 

Next time you are planning an event, think about a theme that will excite your guests. Then plan accordingly. If you look around, there are a number of very creative invitation ideas that you can purchase from your promotional consultant that will add to the excitement of your next event.

Next Edition -Part Two: Creative Party Favors and Give-Aways