Tips on How to Plan a Family Reunion

We recently added a new article to our News/Info page. Here is a small excerpt from “Tips on how to put together a family reunion:”  

What if you were asked to organize a family reunion? Where would you start? When should you start?

1.     Ask for other family members to help with planning activities and choosing the time and place. Get the word out – let others know you're planning a family reunion event. Give family members plenty of notice. If your family is spread out over the U.S or abroad, planning one to two years in advance will allow attendees to plan vacation time or make adjustments in scheduling.

2.     Assign each member of your newly formed reunion committee a specific task and hold them responsible. Plan on purchasing commemorative items imprinted with the family name and date of the event.

These two tips are the most important part of planning your event. You need to get the commitment of other family members to help make your event special, and to tell other family members about the event. You can still send out invitations, but I know from experience that some family members might need to be dragged to a family reunion, especially if they only get one vacation per year and they are not excited about the venue.  So make sure to recruit family members that have clout with other family members.

Each of the additional six tips gives a more elaborate explanation, suggested activities and keepsakes to remind family members of what a great time they had at the event. If you would like to read the full article you can read it at this link  After reading the article you may have other suggestions you would like to add to help our readers and we would love to hear them!