Lip Balm Promotion Succeeds in Driving More Business to Retail Mobile Phone Locations

Challenge: The challenge was to generate more business toward local retail stores of an internationally known mobile phone company. The wireless company may be the country’s leading cell phone provider with an exceptionally strong brand identity, but this doesn’t mean that all divisions of their business are thriving. In particular, local retail stores of eminent companies can often suffer in certain areas because of an over saturation of the brand name and stores. Because the wireless provider is concerned with the latest accessible technology, it was important for them to utilize an advertising product that was simple and functional. The wireless provider’s marketing group got in touch with their promotional products distributor to help find a solution. The team then collectively put their ideas together to find the best promotional product for the client.

Solution: The promotional distributor suggested that an all-natural lip balm containing SPF15 be used for the retail store promotion. In line with the clients’ wishes, the team selected a product that was practical, thus differentiating the gift from the items sold by the company on a daily basis. Also, it was functional because the promotion was to be used during the summer months, so the SPF 15 in the lip balm would protect those who received the product from the sun. The four-color process decal on the lip balm tube was incredibly vibrant and it included the address of that particular retail location, along with the website. The lip balms were given as a gift once the customer entered into the store. So, the item served as a thank you to customers that were interested enough to walk into the wireless provider’s retail location.

Result: The SPF15 lip balm was a hit with customers that came into the several retail locations. Most seemed to appreciate that the wireless provider would give them a useful gift just for walking into the store and not after purchasing an item, which is so often the case. During the three month campaign, these once struggling stores saw more volume as the promotion progressed. Due to the increased activity in the stores, there were more mobile phone sales made. The product was convenient and could be used several times; so, as the customers continued to use the lip balm during the summer, they were reminded of the provider’s location/website each time they used it to protect themselves from the sun. The company also noticed an improvement in website traffic in those areas where previously there had been minimal interest in exploring the wireless provider website online.  ** Our promotional lip-balm vendor is now working on a red wax color lip balm for a future promotion.


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