PowerTools Again – Its good for you!

Last night was the third meeting of our women’s networking group from the idea of PowerTools for Women in business by Aliza Sherman. It amazing how much good a 2-hour session can be when everyone is focus on the questions at hand. As I explained in a previous post it is not a leads type group. We are successful women business owners who come together over wine and cheese to discuss our businesses, how they work, how they don't and what it takes to build it to the next level.

We had a newcomer in our group last night who was so amazed and what we were discussing, that she said., “I am going to give up therapy, this is so much better!” and it is. Our topics last night included how to sum up what you do in one sentence. It is not as easy as it might sound. Our company has been looking in to different forms of growing the business and one of the websites I went to recently was a VC company. They had a list of criteria for sending information to them and the very first piece of advice they gave about writing your business plan (In PowerPoint slides no less) was how to sum up what you do in one sentence.  Some of us came up with very good sentences and others had long run on sentences. However you describe what you do, it should bring up more questions from those who ask allowing for more dialog.

We also discussed “the biggest mistake we made in business and what we learned from it”. This was very comforting to know that everyone goes through pretty much the same things you do in running your business.  We each feel better knowing that someone in their business made the same mistakes that we might have made in the beginning of owning our business or even more recently. When each business woman explains what they learned from this experience, it allows us too to learn from their mistakes and help correct our thinking on how to either avoid this particular mistake, or if we haven't made that mistake yet and are about to, how to handle this same situation better.

This has been such a great experience! Next month we are going to discuss creating a name for our group, as of right now we call it PowerTools. However, people look at you sometimes strange when you tell them that is what the group is called. So, this is “homework” for next month’s meeting. Every city should have a group like this. It is a very empowering meeting in a very casual and relaxed atmosphere.  When you leave the meeting you feel energized and ready to take on the world the next day!