It is not as easy as it looks!

Today, we worked on our second video. You know, as a child I always wanted to be an actress, but this is not as easy as it looks. My first video on Presentation Packaging took about 2 hours of shooting. Mostly, because it was a new camera and we had never created a video for business in the past, mostly home movies of the kids getting their first hair cut, birthday parties or trips to Disney. For the business video I even wrote out lines to say. However, for some reason, once you are in front of the camera it all comes out wrong. The raw takes of the Presentation video were great entertainment for my family and I to watch when we brought it home to edit it. We showed all the raw cuts on the big screen T.V. and my boys thought mom was very funny. I didn’t.

Today, the video we put together was a bit different. We invited our representative from Windbrella to come and do the video with us. Charlie can explain the product much better than I could any day, and his product is great for golfers and people looking for a high-end umbrella with low minimums. It’s funny, but Charlie says the same spiel every day when he walks in to a promotional products distributor’s office and talks about Windbrella, but today, he had as many problems as I did in getting the wording just right. Toward the end of filming we did get some emotion out of him and he started to loosen up. I now know why actors command the big bucks. Remembering the lines is not that easy, and trying to act natural while talking to a camera is a bit intimidating.

Neither video episode has made me change my mind about doing more videos. We have plenty of products, so the videos will keep coming. Happy viewing!

P.S. – As soon as we edit the Windbrella video, I will post the link