Happy New Year! Now let’s set those goals . .

Enough time has passed to digest that the New Year is finally here. The relatives have gone home, the children are back in school and things are getting back to normal. Now its time to reflect on last year and what worked for you and what didn’t. You can do this both personally and for your career.


The beginning of the year is a great time to examine those things you did over the course of this past year that helped you or your department reach its goals. Evaluate the use of your marketing materials, tradeshows you may have exhibited in or attended and how well your website works for you. Get together with a group of peers or your department and reflect on each of these items. Get their input for how you can do it better in 2009.


Don’t forget to take a look at morale. The right attitude plays a huge part in making your goals. How you feel about your work environment and your surroundings can make or break you. If you are the head of a department, set goals and celebrate even the smallest achievement. It can be as simple as flex time, or a pizza party.


If you are setting personal goals make sure they are attainable. Set smaller daily or weekly goals, so that they are achievable and then reward yourself when you reach your goal. Even taking time out for a bubble bath and a good book can be a celebration. Just make sure you reward yourself with something special.