Tradeshow a Success!

We were very productive last week at the tradeshow in Las Vegas. We found many new products for our customers. And many of you took advantage of our offer to help you find new ideas and products and we were glad to be of service!


It is so important to be armed before going to a tradeshow (especially of this magnitude – over 1400 booths). There was absolutely no way we could see every booth, so having a plan in advance made the show easier to navigate and really get down to business. We divided the show up in to 3 days. The first day we highlighted all of our top preferred vendors in pink, the second day we highlighted vendors we would like to see in yellow – These were vendors that might have ideas or products that would help YOU our customer's with your upcoming events, or they might have been someone we saw at the New Product Pavillion with products that we thought would be perfect for our product selection – and the 3rd day, we highlighted in blue those vendors that were recommended to us by other distributors, or those that sent us pre-show emails about products or services that might work for us as well and those that we may have breezed by on day 1 or 2 with products that looked interesting, but were not part of the original plan.  This breakdown and following the pattern, helped us to stay on track and not get caught up in trying to see all 1400 vendors whose products might not fit our corporate image.

I have to say the best piece of advice we received prior to attending the show was a list of items to take from Cliff Quicksell, an industry veteran and trainer – he suggested taking a FlipVideo to take video’s of vendor booths and products so that they could help us sell their products on our websites. It was FABULOUS!! By Monday, you should be able to see all the videos we took on