Unique Tradeshow Item Give Away – DigiClean Microfiber Screen Cleaner

Don’t you hate how dirty your phone gets after you have been talking and texting all day?  The new DigiClean is a portable cleaner for any touch screen surface.  The best part about it is it sticks right to your phone or electronic device.  The larger one turns into a mouse pad for your laptop.  Your name is with your client every day when they use their phone or computer.   You can even customize the packaging.  This is by far one of the best items I have received from a trade show this year.  These are very inexpensive if you are on a budget.  – Guest Writer – Jaime in Customer Service





Om du gillar att titta på bröllopet konstellation val. 12 konstellationer brud, charm och har olika egenskaper, så de vill bröllopet kommer att vara annorlunda. Inför en mängd olika stilar och stil av brudklänning, full av hjärta att vara gift med dig, bör vara hur man väljer?


Time for Kissing?

It’s that time of year for lots of kisses, (Valentine’s Day) so why not make your clients lips tasty and smooth?  While at a recent trade show I discovered the best new lip balm. These soybean oil and beeswax lip balms come in a hundred different flavors with a full color label which allows for a large impact.   Each tube is inexpensively priced and the minimum order is low.  Some of my favorite flavors are fuzzy navel, caramel, piña colada, and what woman doesn’t like chocolate?  Give this delicious tasting gift at trade shows or even as a nice Thank you after a check up or office visit. – Lip Balm FlavorMania - (100 New Flavors like Chocolate, Dancing Banana, Perfect Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Burst and more. – The link is to just one of the 100 flavors – call us for more details.) – Jaime