Giving Gifts Employees Really Want…

The holidays are a time when employees can’t help but anticipate their ‘reward’ for the past 12 months, but it’s also a time when employers fumble the opportunity. CEShoppes wants to help prevent employers from making the same mistakes we’ve seen over the years. Give the gift your employees really want, one they choose themselves. Our most popular holiday gift collections range from $20-$200 and each collections has over 100 brand-name gifts for your employees to choose . . . and LOVE!

Fishing Story Take a moment to flip through our brand-name catalog and see all that we have to offer your employees. It is really simple and easy, and you can have your gift booklets in hand in as few as two business days, when you ship overnight. – All you need to do is select a holiday book cover, choose your dollar amount ( your recipient never knows the amount), add your logo and text to the holiday or “Gift for you” insert and your gifts are on their way to you! Give CEShoppes a call today 888.249.0420 and we will take your order over the phone – we make it easy and your recipients will love the gifts they choose! Expands its Personalized Holiday Gifts Collection

If you haven’t been to lately you are missing out on a new line of products that just came to the web shoppe this month. New personalized holiday picture frames, personalized holiday ornaments and personalized coffee mugs. These are just a few of the new items that will be appearing on as we expand the website for a more diverse product line. offers unique personalized gifts for every gift giving occasion including holiday gifts, birthday gifts and wedding gift ideas.  Check out our new selections and bookmark the web shoppe as new items will be added over the next couple of months to increase your shopping pleasure

Fun Gifts to Give – Part 3 of 3

In my last two installments we discussed invitations and party favors. Today I want talk about gifts I love to give. During the holiday season we are so busy that even though we mean well we are always scurrying at the last minute to find gifts for my husband’s aunts, my sister and my brother. We always have our children’s gift shopping done the day after Thanksgiving, but somehow these other family members get lost in the shuffle. Almost by mistake I decided one year to give Selective Gift Booklets. These are usually used as employee and client gifts for many of the clients we represent, not just during the holidays but all year long as either a safety program or as an incentive program.

They are beautiful booklets filled with 80 name brand items. Each book comes in a different price point and pricing is not shown anywhere inside of the booklet. The books come in as low as $25 denominations, which includes a free gift card, the gift item and the shipping of the item to your recipient. Everyone loved their gift. My sister and brother asked that we send these booklets for each of their birthday and holiday gifts. They each were able to pick something out of the book that they wanted and may not otherwise have purchased for themselves had they had to spend their own money, and it made everyone, including me very happy.

Another great gift idea is our picnic and barbecue items. We have several customers who do actually give these during the holiday season, but any time of year is a good time to give this type of gift. I have given many of these for birthday gifts and for wedding gifts. Now, with the higher price of gas, many people are spending more time closer to home. If you have seen ads for Wal-mart recently, they are suggesting you turn your backyard into a vacation spot. So what would be a better gift to give than grilling items, or a picnic backpack complete with service for 4? And soon it will be football season. Both of these items would work great for tailgating. We even have a tailgate portable grill! Anything that would make the recipients life less complicated and more enjoyable is the right gift to give.

Everyone likes gifts that are nifty, especially if it is something they can use, but are unlikely to purchase themselves because it might be seen as more of a luxury item than a necessity. There are so many gift ideas out there, none of which need to feature your logo. A greeting card, with a heartfelt greeting will work just fine to place your name in front of the recipient and the use of the gift for years to come will be a warm remembrance of you and your thoughtfulness.