Employee Wellness

I was just listening to a webinar with guest speaker Diane Darling  She was discussing effective networking for companies whose employees are worn out from the economy and are trying to figure out how to do their jobs and keep their jobs. She teaches the employees how to network internally so they can get along better, know who in the company they can go talk to if they have a question and how to approach these individuals. Her discussion helps the company figure out what the real cost is of losing people, or having an employee on-line for two hours trying to figure out an answer to a problem when they could have spent 5 minutes going down the hall to get that answer. 

Another way to figure out your cost of doing business is by how much you are spending on health insurance, time lost from work due to illness etc. Just like internal networking to keep your business humming along, you also need to ensure that your employees are at their best. Putting together a wellness program and rewarding employees that embrace the program will allow your company to see a decrease in sick days and possibly a lower health insurance bill  in the long run.

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