When is a Watch a Gift and When is a Watch a Promotion? Part 1 of 2

Watches can be used as gifts, as promotional products and also as symbols of achieving an elite status.

Promotional Watch Gifts:

When watches are custom imprinted on the dials with logos it is generally considered a promotional gift designed to repeatedly show the logo or "promote" the logo of the company or organization. Even when they are given to employees, in most cases, dial imprinted watches are considered promotional gifts or promotional products. There is usually a required minimum purchase number of watches starting at twelve or more for this type of decoration.

One of the most ingenious dial imprints has been by Freestyle, a maker of Surfer style watches. Freestyle imprints the underside of the crystal with their name in small print so that it does not impact the watch dial function.

Custom Dial Molds and Medallions:

The exception to decorating the dial with a printed logo is when a custom dial is created as a medallion in a limited series. A watch dial created in this manner is generally considered a special gift and signifies the owner is a member of a special group or club. There is usually a required purchase of a minimum number of watches of twelve to twenty four or more for this type of decoration.

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