Highlights from the ASI Show

We had the most incredible three days. Saturday night was just part of getting to the ASI Show. We spent some time roaming around Universal City Walk with the kids and then came back to the hotel to eat Uno’s Pizza. – My absolute favorite pizza, of which I can only get when I am in Orlando or Daytona, because they don’t have any Uno’s in Tampa Bay.

The next day was education day. We had an outstanding instructor who cleared up some of the mysteries of Adobe Illustrator. Our 14 year old son was in the class and I was so proud when he began helping the ladies seated next to him follow along with the instructor.

There were actually two highlights to this show besides all the tradeshow booths. The Gala on Monday night at the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” was a muggle’s dreams come true!! It was such a magical evening. I almost cried when I entered the Hogwarts castle, as it was so unbelievable to be that close to the magic that made the Harry Potter series come alive. I felt just like I was a student there. The ride inside was absolutely magnificent. You really felt like you were in the forbidden forest with the spiders and flying on broomsticks with Harry and Ron – that is one attraction I can’t wait to go back to see.  

The second most incredible part of this tradeshow was the guest speaker on Tuesday morning. 1700 suppliers and distributors got up early to listen to a heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching talk given by Michael J. Fox. His journey through life has been nothing more than amazing and told with such humor and humility. His journey to help find a cure for Parkinson's disease  is truly amazing.